Learn how ABT Online hosts your business on the cloud with high security

Benefits of cloud hosting with us include:

Data Security

When it comes to clouding, we understand that securing your data is an influential decision maker.  Data Security is of the utmost importance to ABT Online. A multi-layered perimeter (including firewalls), hosts (servers), OS (Microsoft Server/Linux), Application (Pronto Xi) and 2-tier Authenticated Client approach to data security protects valuable client data for unauthorised access.

Secure cloud hosting with fully integrated stable software that expands when you do

Regardless of your software needs, all are hosted with the highest level of data security – Tier 3.    All of the ERP modules that ABT provide integrate seamlessly with each other allowing for multiple module set up and no fuss system expansion in the future, with a multitude of ERP software, including Pronto xi and ABT Global.

Access to superior application software including Pronto Software and Open Systems

Regardless of budget, we can offer access to superior leading software that run some of the largest and complex companies in Australia and the USA including the likes of Optus and Rexel. Usually these system applications are only available to organisations with large IT budgets.

Minimum capital outlay with no equipment required when cloud hosting with us

The ABT Online service is provided under a rental agreement, therefore there is no capital outlay other than your local PC’s, communication link to the Internet, and initial training. Thus you don’t need to invest in host equipment, infrastructure or application software.

Monthly cloud hosting fixed fee structure

No hidden costs, easy to budget for and competitive price points with per user per month, fixed fees.

Flexible cloud hosting agreement terms

Because we keep the hosting in Australia, on highly secure servers, you’ll find we’re flexible with contract terms ranging anywhere from 6 months to 3 years.

Our cloud solutions offer flexible system expansion to evolve with your future growth

As you grow, we support and grow with you.  With our cloud solutions you have the ability to upgrade your software, add additional users, or add functional modules at any time to the existing service agreement.

Access to our fully manned response centre support team

Our Response Centre is manned by a full-time manager and application specialists for all of your cloud and system questions or issues.

A sophisticated and superior technical infrastructure with 99.999% System Integrity

ABT Online’s technical infrastructure is far superior to that which can be justified by most normal organisations. It has been engineered to the highest standards and our Data Centre is equipped with fully redundant servers, uninterruptible power supplies and diesel powered backup power plant & multiple redundant communications links.  These ensure your cloud is always backed up and in working order.

Specialist IT management and support to ensure ongoing cloud functionality

We undertake to fulfill the complex IT management and support role with whatever specialist skills are required to ensure the ongoing functionality of your integrated system. This approach allows you to conserve resources, reduce costs and concentrate on your prime business objectives.

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